Antrica Encoders/Decoders
* Near Broadcast
* 80mS Latency
* PIP Composite
AVP Patchpaneler
* Video Jackfields
* Audio Jackfields
* Universal Panels
Blustream 4K Matrix/Extender
* 4K - 4x4 HDBaseT™ Matrix
* 4K - 6x6 HDBaseT™ Matrix
* 4K - 8x8 HDBaseT™ Matrix
* 4K _ HDMI HDBaseT™ Extenders
Dayang Broadcast
* 4K MultiViewer
* On-Air Graphics
* Tekstgenerator
* Time delay Playout
Doremi Pro AV Products
* Video Recorders
* Play back
* Mastering
* Converters
* generators
dsmb Broadcast
* Hum Rejection
* HD Galvanic
* Multiformat
* Routers
* FSP Basert
Fougerolle Proff HD Video
* Embedders
* De-Embedders
* Fiber
* Converters
* HD Pattern
* HD Analyzer
IndigoVision HD Overvåking
* IP Cameras
* Control Systems
* Video Analytics
Kauber Screens & Mounts
* Custom Design
* Lift
* Projector mounts
Microtronix HD-SDI Bokser
* Text Inserter
* Overlay
* Dual-View
Microvideo * Switching
* Branding
* Processing
Multidyne Fiber System
* 3G-SDI
* SilverBack ENG
* Multiplexers
MurrayPro HD-Testutstyr
* Portable
* Eye-Display
* Measurement
Osee Monitorer/4K
* Pull-Out Monitor
* Video Wall
* MultiViewers
* Routers
Portalis LC * Many computers to a single display canvas
* Keypads
* Switchers
* Multiformat
* Media Players
TVOne Skalering o.a.
* Large Venue
* CAT5/6
* HDBaseT™
VT Overvåking
* Security
* Imaging
Wohler Monitorering
* Audio
* Video
Yuan Småbokser & Kort
* HD Converters
* HD Capture

Velkommen til "Vår video verden"

Vår målsetting er å gi profesionell rådgiving samt levering av høykvalitets video utstyr, samt å yte god service ved prosjekter innenfor videoovervåking av industrianlegg, veg og trafikk-anlegg, kaianlegg o.s.v.. Vi vil også gi informasjon og veiledning om valg av produkter til spesifikke oppgaver innenfor videoovervåking. Vi følger nøye med i utviklingen og prøver til enhver tid å tilby våre kunder det best egnede utstyr som er tilpasset deres spesifikke behov.

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CORIO2 Dual DVI Scaler w/2x Picture in Picture Key Features of the 1T-C2-750 · Dual scalers · 2x DVI-I Inputs · 2x Internal Still Image Stores · DVI-D I/O support to 1920x1200,1080p/60 · DVI-A I/O support to 2048x2048, 1080p/60 · Analog supports RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB & YPbPr · Control via RS-232, IR or Front Panel · Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10% · Per-pixel or percentage scaling control · Single and Dual PIP · Autoset - Automatic analog picture sizing · Chromakey and Lumakey · Genlock and Mix · Optional IR Remote Control Unit · Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit

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Fougerolle - CamiFlex with V_Lock

FOUGEROLLE company offers with this new range of products, a solution to deport your small Broadcast cameras using a hybrid optical fiber. Winner at the SATIS2014& Médiakwest Trophy, this new solution is a real innovation due to its performances and its price ....

Two models are now available : The CamiFlex Lite, and the CamiFlex. A purified style but very complete solution, the CamiFlex Lite allows you : • bi-directionnal 3G/HDSDI link between the caméra and CCU • a Genlock return to synchronize the camera • 2 Tally (Preview / On Air) integrated in the front face with jack plug for external Tally use • 2 RS232/422 configurables (remote 1&2) • 1 RS232 TTL (remote 3), 1 LANC (remote 4) • 1 DC out 12V 40W to power the caméra • Connexion over hybride fiber up to 200m


Fougerolle - CamiFlex with V_Lock

05.02.2015- Les NyhetenimageFOUGEROLLE company offers with this new range of products, a solution to deport your small Broadcast cameras using a hybrid optical fiber. Winner at the SATIS2014& Médiakwest Trophy, this new solution is a real innovation due to its performances and its price ....

Portalis - Felles kontroll av mange PC`er.

27.01.2015- Les NyhetenimageElegant Connectivity The pro-xi system appears to each of the client computers as a traditional keyboard, mouse and video monitor — the most simple and elegant connectivity mechanism possible.

3G HD-SDI til DVI og DVI til 3G HD-SDI

28.05.2014- Les NyhetenimageConvert from 3G/HD-SDI input to DVI-D/DVI-A/VGA or Component/S-Video/Composite video output. Convert from DVI-D/DVI-A/VGA or Component/S-Video/Composite to 3G/HD-SDI output

tvONE - Nye C2-2855 Scaler

21.02.2014- Les NyhetenimageC2-2855 Universal Scaler PLUS is first in a new generation of high performance scalers that provides best-in-class video scaling and format conversion along with revolutionary, intuitive user interface tools. T

tvONE - 1T-VS-668 Universal Video Scaler/Switcher

13.11.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe 1T-VS-668 Video Scaler is a commercial switcher/scaler with versatile format conversion and multi-output routing capability. I

tvONE - CORIOmaster mini

13.11.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe new CORIOmaster mini fits up to 12 High Density Universal DVI or HDBaseT ports within a breakthrough 1 RU frame.

Wohler RM-2443W-HD 2U HD-SDI Video Monitor

20.03.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe RM-2443W-HD is designed for confidence monitoring of HD/SDSDI video with embedded audio in the production environment.