Antrica Encoders/Decoders
* Near Broadcast
* 80mS Latency
* PIP Composite
AVP Patchpaneler
* Video Jackfields
* Audio Jackfields
* Universal Panels
Dayang Broadcast
* 4K MultiViewer
* On-Air Graphics
* Tekstgenerator
* Time delay Playout
Doremi Pro AV Products
* Video Recorders
* Play back
* Mastering
* Converters
* generators
dsmb Broadcast
* Hum Rejection
* HD Galvanic
* Multiformat
* Routers
* FSP Basert
Fougerolle Proff HD Video
* Embedders
* De-Embedders
* Fiber
* Converters
* HD Pattern
* HD Analyzer
IndigoVision HD Overvåking
* IP Cameras
* Control Systems
* Video Analytics
Kauber Screens & Mounts
* Custom Design
* Lift
* Projector mounts
Microtronix HD-SDI Bokser
* Text Inserter
* Overlay
* Dual-View
Microvideo * Switching
* Branding
* Processing
Multidyne Fiber System
* 3G-SDI
* SilverBack ENG
* Multiplexers
MurrayPro HD-Testutstyr
* Portable
* Eye-Display
* Measurement
Osee Monitorer/4K
* Pull-Out Monitor
* Video Wall
* MultiViewers
* Routers
Portalis LC * Many computers to a single display canvas
* Keypads
* Switchers
* Multiformat
* Media Players
TVOne Skalering o.a.
* Large Venue
* CAT5/6
* HDBaseT™
VT Overvåking
* Security
* Imaging
Wohler Monitorering
* Audio
* Video
Yuan Småbokser & Kort
* HD Converters
* HD Capture

Velkommen til "Vår video verden"

Vår målsetting er å gi profesionell rådgiving samt levering av høykvalitets video utstyr, samt å yte god service ved prosjekter innenfor videoovervåking av industrianlegg, veg og trafikk-anlegg, kaianlegg o.s.v.. Vi vil også gi informasjon og veiledning om valg av produkter til spesifikke oppgaver innenfor videoovervåking. Vi følger nøye med i utviklingen og prøver til enhver tid å tilby våre kunder det best egnede utstyr som er tilpasset deres spesifikke behov.

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Fougerolle - CamiFlex with V_Lock

FOUGEROLLE company offers with this new range of products, a solution to deport your small Broadcast cameras using a hybrid optical fiber. Winner at the SATIS2014& Médiakwest Trophy, this new solution is a real innovation due to its performances and its price ....

Two models are now available : The CamiFlex Lite, and the CamiFlex. A purified style but very complete solution, the CamiFlex Lite allows you : • bi-directionnal 3G/HDSDI link between the caméra and CCU • a Genlock return to synchronize the camera • 2 Tally (Preview / On Air) integrated in the front face with jack plug for external Tally use • 2 RS232/422 configurables (remote 1&2) • 1 RS232 TTL (remote 3), 1 LANC (remote 4) • 1 DC out 12V 40W to power the caméra • Connexion over hybride fiber up to 200m
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Portalis - Felles kontroll av mange PC`er.

Elegant Connectivity The pro-xi system appears to each of the client computers as a traditional keyboard, mouse and video monitor — the most simple and elegant connectivity mechanism possible.

Connection Types Client computer systems are connected to the pro-xi system using just a few cables — a DVI video output cable from the client computer and one or two USB input cables to the client computer that supply the keyboard and mouse. A fourth optional cable can be connected to the audio output from the client computer system. HDMI and VGA video connections are also supported via inexpensive adapters, as well as the older PS-2 style keyboard and mouse connections. Other types of video can also be supported by utilizing active converters or adapter cables. These video formats include: •HD-SDI (Serial Digital) •Display Port •Apple`s Thunderbolt & Lightning •NTSC, PAL & SECAM Composite Analog Video •RGB(S), YPBPR and S-Video Component Analog Video The revolutionary pro-xi Workstation Integrator is changing the way organizations around the world interact with and manage their computer, network and video resources. To learn more about how the pro-xi system can help you lower costs, reduce risk, and increase operator efficiency, you can view our demo videos, read more about our technology, and discover the wide variety of pro-xi applications.


Portalis - Felles kontroll av mange PC`er.

27.01.2015- Les NyhetenimageElegant Connectivity The pro-xi system appears to each of the client computers as a traditional keyboard, mouse and video monitor — the most simple and elegant connectivity mechanism possible.

3G HD-SDI til DVI og DVI til 3G HD-SDI

28.05.2014- Les NyhetenimageConvert from 3G/HD-SDI input to DVI-D/DVI-A/VGA or Component/S-Video/Composite video output. Convert from DVI-D/DVI-A/VGA or Component/S-Video/Composite to 3G/HD-SDI output

tvONE - Nye C2-2855 Scaler

21.02.2014- Les NyhetenimageC2-2855 Universal Scaler PLUS is first in a new generation of high performance scalers that provides best-in-class video scaling and format conversion along with revolutionary, intuitive user interface tools. T

tvONE - 1T-VS-668 Universal Video Scaler/Switcher

13.11.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe 1T-VS-668 Video Scaler is a commercial switcher/scaler with versatile format conversion and multi-output routing capability. I

tvONE - CORIOmaster mini

13.11.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe new CORIOmaster mini fits up to 12 High Density Universal DVI or HDBaseT ports within a breakthrough 1 RU frame.

Wohler RM-2443W-HD 2U HD-SDI Video Monitor

20.03.2013- Les NyhetenimageThe RM-2443W-HD is designed for confidence monitoring of HD/SDSDI video with embedded audio in the production environment.

MurrayPro - Portable TV Test Equipment

04.12.2012- Les NyhetenimageGenerate, Analyse View & Listen 3G-HD, 1.5-HD, SD-SDI & CVBS